Super Bowl Predictions At Day Creek



Students at Day Creek Intermediate share their thoughts on Super Bowl LIV.

Shivani R., Writer

Super Bowl LIV is on February 2nd. Two weeks before the big game, the AFC and NFC championships took place. The Kansas City Chiefs knocked off the Tennessee Titans 35-24. The evening game ended with the San Francisco 49ers defeating the Green Bay Packers with a score of 37-20. The two teams will now compete for the Lombardi Trophy.

The Howl wanted to know what Day Creek Intermediate students thought about the upcoming Super Bowl. 

Some students think that the Kansas City Chiefs deserve a chance at finally winning the Super Bowl because they haven’t won in 50 years. 

“I want the Chiefs to win because they haven’t been to the Super Bowl in a while, so I think they should win it this year,” Sydney G. 

Lina A. also wants the Chiefs to win because she thinks that they have earned it. “I want the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl because I think their main player Patrick Mahomes deserves to win because he’s been good all season and deserves a shot at it.”

Other students think that the San Francisco 49ers should win because they dislike the Kansas City Chiefs. 

“(I want) the 49ers to win because I don’t like the Chiefs,” said Brady E. 

Marcus W. doesn’t want the Chiefs to win because he dislikes the quarterback. “(I want) the 49ers to win the Super Bowl because I don’t like Patrick Mahomes.” 

On the Day Creek Howl, students voted for the team they believe will take home the Lombardi Trophy. 51% of the voters thought that the Kansas City Chiefs were going to win, while 49% of the voters cast their vote for the San Francisco 49ers. 

Are the Chiefs finally going to win the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years? Or, will the San Francisco 49ers earn their 6th Super Bowl title?