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DCIS 8th grader Ryan J. breeds hamsters in his home.

A Hamster Breeder at DCIS

Keira S., Writer February 2, 2021

How old were you when you got your first pet?  How much did you know about it before it arrived at your door?  Ryan J. bred his first hamster at the age of nine. He didn’t really know what to do...

With the current circumstances, academic struggles are more present in our society than ever before.

Grades Dropping During the Pandemic

Hannah G., Writer January 26, 2021

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools have been forced to teach students virtually. For nearly six months, classes have met through online platforms like Zoom and Google Meet. Students are...

As the possibility of the US getting vaccinated comes closer, rumors have risen.

Rumors of the COVID Vaccine

Hailey A., Writer January 25, 2021

“I don’t want to grow an extra arm.” “I don’t want the virus injected into me.” “It was made so fast, vaccines usually take years to make. It isn’t safe.”  These are some of...

After many months of works, scientists have developed a vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 Vaccine

Dilnoor K., Writer January 22, 2021

For most of 2020-2021, people have been in quarantine because of the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic.  Recently, the vaccine for COVID-19 has been released in different parts of the world. However, as people...

With COVID-19 affecting  schools throughout the country, take a sneak peek at a superintendent's life.

A Superintendent’s Worklife During the Pandemic

Sebastien A., Writer January 19, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our world for over a year. It has affected us physically, emotionally, socially and economically. One of COVID-19’s biggest impacts has been on education. It transformed...

One of the key parts of the election is the electoral college.

The Electoral College Simplified

Nisreen M., Sebastien A., and Kaavya K. January 15, 2021

Like many teens in America, you have probably heard all about our recent election. But before we dive into the world of political rights and wrongs, there are some key factors that you should know to understand...

Etiwanda's EASE programs are gaining popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learning with EASE

Shivani R. and Mikah C. January 15, 2021

At the conclusion of the 2019-2020 Summer Break, three learning models were presented to all families of children enrolled in the Etiwanda School District. The hybrid learning model came first, which consisted...

With the election results  confirmed, many wonder what's going to happen next?

Election: What Happens Now

Nisreen M., Writer January 8, 2021

Now that the electoral college votes have been through their final count, it is finally time to move forward. The transition of power has been a bumpy one, but hopefully, we can put that behind us. Since...

Since COVID-19 started there have been many disappointments, Disney World not being one of them.

Disney World During a Pandemic

Hayley B., Writer January 4, 2021

Traveling has been an ongoing concern for many families since the advent of COVID-19. After six months of being housebound, my family decided that it’d been long enough. We needed to get out and do something....

Karter H. on his 12th birthday two weeks before the aneurysm ruptured.

“I had to relearn everything a human knows”: A Brain Aneurysm Fighter

Hailey A. and Keira S. December 6, 2020

A brain aneurysm is a weak blood vessel in an artery in the brain that fills up with blood. Sort of like a thin balloon, it has a chance of rupturing. If it does burst, blood spills between the skull and...

Halloween will definitely be different from past Halloween celebrations that we’ve done before.

Halloween Amid a Pandemic

Lily G., Audrey C., and Nisreen M. October 16, 2020

Clusters of kids line up, each with the intent to bite into an apple, all in an effort to collect as many as possible. Others run from door to door loudly proclaiming their ‘Trick or Treat’ in hopes...

Due to pandemic, food services are struggling to increase their sales.

Food Service during an Economic Crisis

Ryan A., Ryan W., Hana S., and Malak Y. October 15, 2020

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, stores and restaurants have changed drastically because of the current situation. Each store has responded differently toward the virus. Restaurants and grocery stores...

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