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What is the importance of being bilingual and what does it do for the world?

What is the Importance of Being Bilingual?

Hayley B., Edhen A., and Aishwarya A. February 26, 2021

Being bilingual can be a valuable skill for everyday life. Not only when traveling to another country, but in everyday trips out and about in Southern California, it makes everything so much easier being...

Many teachers use breakout rooms to provide social interactions between students, but are they really necessary?

Should Breakout Rooms be Mandatory?

Malak Y., Writer January 29, 2021

Why do we even have breakout rooms? What’s the point; No one talks anyway! These, along with many other questions, have been asked by students everywhere. Every student has their own opinion on breakout...

There are two great ways to get dogs, adopting and buying from breeders, but what is the better way?

Purebred vs. Shelter Dogs: What Do You Prefer?

Hayley B., Writer January 27, 2021

As of 2021, around 53% of the U.S. population owns a dog. You can adopt a dog from an animal shelter or buy a dog from a breeder. But which is the more preferable choice?  Breeders and shelters are...

Rusty Hicks used the wrong choice of words when calling the Governor Newsome recall petition a “California coup”.

The “California coup”?

Mikah C. and Shivani R. January 22, 2021

Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has been the governor of California since 2018, but not everyone has been happy with his decisions while in office. Some of his more controversial issues include his handling...

With the COVID-19 pandemic at large, mental health has become a main concern of many people.

Mental Health in Quarantine

Kaavya K., Writer January 22, 2021

Over the past year, people all over the world have been stuck at home. No parties. No seeing your friends. No school. Nothing. And for some people, this has had an effect on their mental health. Psychological...

Learning the subjects you don’t like may not seem fun at the moment, but it will definitely come in handy for the future.

Should Selecting Subjects be Allowed?

Audrey C., Writer January 15, 2021

In school, there always seems to be one subject that’s easy and fun, while another subject drags on and on. For each student, this varies. Many kids choose to focus on the subject that’s the easiest....

Should Florida be opening up their state when they have rising COVID cases?

California vs. Florida: How They’ve Handled COVID

Gwen E., Writer January 15, 2021

California and Florida are states in the same country that are handling the worldwide pandemic vastly different. California continues to go on lockdown while most of Florida has opened back up. Why are...

Universal Studios and Disneyland are both amazing theme parks, but which one is more worthy of your time?

Universal Studios or Disneyland?

Aishwarya A., Writer January 8, 2021

One of the common known debates is whether Universal Studios or Disneyland is the better theme park. Universal Studios features more adventurous rides, while Disneyland displays fairytale themed rides. “I...

Students have been doing distance learning for over most of the year now, could electives be a possibility to give students more social interaction?

Electives During COVID-19

Hailey A., Writer January 8, 2021

For over half of the school year now, students at Day Creek Intermediate School have been doing school virtually. It’s clear that distance learning doesn’t provide the same experience as in-school...

The Harry Potter franchise has always been a big hit, but it leaves fans to decide whether the books or the movies are better.

Harry Potter: Books or Movies?

Hayley B., Aishwarya A., and Sebastien A. December 3, 2020

Ever since the Harry Potter franchise was released, it’s been popular amongst readers and movie-watchers. From the moment the movies arrived in theaters, the debate began. Which is better: the Harry...

Real world problems greatly affect everyone, leaving lasting impacts on our hearts and minds.

How Greatly Do World Problems Affect Us?

Audrey C., Writer December 3, 2020

When real world problems occur, it affects everyone. Though celebrities frequently create or post something in response, they aren’t the only ones who are impacted. Everyday people like you and me also...

Parents should teach their children how to save and spend their money.

Kids Learning Money: Is it a Trend?

Sebastien A., Keira S., and Edhen A. October 22, 2020

Do parents educate their kids about money with hopes for a better financial future? Is that what drove billionaires to become who they are today?  According to Wells Fargo, most people conclude that...

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