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Kids Learning Money: Is it a Trend?

Parents should teach their children how to save and spend their money.

Sebastien A., Keira S., and Edhen A.

October 22, 2020

Do parents educate their kids about money with hopes for a better financial future? Is that what drove billionaires to become who they are today?  According to Wells Fargo, most people conclude that the most difficult topic to discuss with others is personal finance, more so than politics, relig...

Guardians of the City

Although police officers are viewed negatively by many people, the public must remember that they are only trying to do their job and assist the public.

Gwen E., Hannah G., and Alex L.

October 20, 2020

On May 28, 2020, George Floyd lost his life, the result of a police officer's brutality. This was a turning point for the police force across our nation. Events such as the COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement have affected the public’s perception of our men and women in blue. “Unfort...

Cancel Culture: A Realization

How has cancel culture affected the way we look at celebrities?

Hailey A., Nicole D., and Dilnoor K.

October 19, 2020

In today’s society, people are shunned for controversial thoughts and actions on social media. Even if these thoughts were shared as far back as 20 years ago, they could still face repercussions. It could be as little as something posted on Twitter, or a comment in an old video. Anything can bring a...

How has the BLM Movement Affected Middle Schoolers?

With social injustice happening in our country, students at Day Creek share their view on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hayley B.

September 18, 2020

For many years, African Americans have not been treated fairly. Although the rights of African Americans have changed, many still think they aren't treated equitably. This year numerous protests have been held in response to racial inequality against African Americans.  “It is extremely upsetting to me how some ...

Traveling: Safe or Dangerous?

COVID-19 has changed travel in a significant way. How will this affect future travelers?

Sebastien A.

September 10, 2020

With the holiday season coming, countless people look forward to travel for the purpose of relaxation, rejuvenation and spending meaningful time in the company of loved ones. However, with a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, many don't know if there will be any special preparations to travel this holiday season....

Are Vaccines Going to Save Us From the Coronavirus?

Vaccines are currently being developed, but will they really have an affect?

Riley G. and Carolina A.

April 8, 2020

A bulls-eye solution to our troubles with COVID-19 is an effective vaccine. However, vaccines take a long time to become available, mainly because they must be tested multiple times to confirm they work properly with minimal side effects. Many companies have been moving towards a successful vaccine, in...

Coronavirus: Understated?

Chinese doctor's death raises questions about the validity of coronavirus reports.

Ally D. and Christine L.

April 6, 2020

COVID-19 has spread across the globe, causing mass panic as well as the risk of economic breakdown. Without a doubt, many are concerned for their safety, even to the point of the seagull-like flocking for toilet paper. An increased level of panic could freak out people even more than the hand sanitiz...

Climate Realist vs. Climate Activist

A new voice has spoken about climate change, and it isn't Greta Thunberg.

Ashley P. and Christine L.

March 13, 2020

Climate change is one of the most controversial topics of the decade. Whether global warming affects the earth or not, the issue never fails to bring the heat.  One of the most outspoken and active voices on the topic is 17-year-old Greta Thunberg. As a climate youth activist, she has received worldwid...

Do Transgender Women Deserve a Seat in the 2020 Olympics?

Is America prepared to have a transgender woman compete in the 2020 Olympics?

Mikah C., Writer

March 13, 2020

For the first time in history, a biological male who openly identifies as a woman will compete in the Olympic Trials. Megan Youngren strives to represent the USA women’s track team in the 2020 Summer Olympics. According to the Daily Signal, “Youngren qualified for the Trials after a strong pe...

Is It A Sport?

Many physical activities are disregaurded as sports, some think nothing of it, but is this really okay?

Azam E., Writer

March 5, 2020

There are over 8000 sports, according to Steemit. Yet some argue that physical exercise does not make an activity a sport. All across social media, videos degrade sports like cheer, archery, and dance. This can be offensive to those who engage in these sports. “I think it’s messed up how people d...

Good for a girl?

Being a girl should not take away from my accomplishments on court.

Kaylee L., Writer

March 2, 2020

Tennis has always been my sport. I swung my first racket, pink with Dora on the head, when I was 5. I competed in my first tournaments when I was 8, and lost in the first round. I was upset, but nothing that a scoop of ice cream didn’t fix. Having played competitively since those early years, I have...

Holidays for All!

Students of varying faiths should have their religious holidays off.

Jenna Q. and Shivani R.

February 28, 2020

Most schools have breaks throughout the school year for holidays. The most common intervals among students are Thanksgiving Holiday, Winter Recess and Spring Recess. While Thanksgiving and Spring Break don’t have anything to do with religious celebrations, multiple religious holidays fall in the middle of ...

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