• November 27th
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The student news site of Day Creek Intermediate School

The Day Creek Howl

The student news site of Day Creek Intermediate School

The Day Creek Howl

The student news site of Day Creek Intermediate School

The Day Creek Howl

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An axolotl in a zoo nearby Lake Xochimilco in Mexico City.
Save a species: “Adoptaxolot”
David B. December 1, 2023

Axolotls are critically endangered salamanders native to Lake Xochimilco and the waterways of Mexico City. They have gained huge...

Construction workers assessing and repairing the damage caused by the fire.

(Photographer from the Los Angeles Times)
The I-10 Freeway fire
David B. November 26, 2023

Two Saturdays ago, a massive fire burned underneath the I-10 Freeway in Downtown Los Angeles. The fire, which burned for three...

This is one of many Metaquest designs owned by them.
Meta Gets Sued for Harming Children’s Mental Health
JD K. November 17, 2023

The big online platform company Meta is being sued by dozens of states such as California and New York, due to the platforms being...

Two Coyotes students starting their iReady diagnostic test.
How do Coyotes feel about the upcoming i-Ready?
Natalya W. and Michelle W. December 1, 2023

Here we go again. It’s i-Ready test time. Every trimester, the i-Ready diagnostic test is taken by students across the country...

Two different pop-culture icons; from Michael Jackson to Taylor Swift, the times have certainly changed.
My Mom’s music
November 2, 2023
These are some students dressed up for the final red ribbon spirit day of the week.
Red ribbon week
October 27, 2023
A Day Creek Coyote participating in the Spelling Bee.
Spelling bee
Maya P. , Sydney N., and Sage P. December 1, 2023

Why on earth would anyone ever participate in Day Creek’s Spelling Bee? Is it for bragging rights among your brilliant brethren?...


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The Weekly Smile

Monday, November 27th

Q: Why did the tree laugh?

A: Because it heard acorn-y joke.

Quote of the Week

Monday, November 27th

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

―The Perks of Being a Wallflower (by: Stephen Chbosky)

The drink and popcorn bucket for the new Taylor Swift Era’s Tour movie.
Back to the Eras
Natalya W. and Michelle W. November 29, 2023
Meet the Staff
Vivian O.
Vivian O.
School News Writer

Vivian loves literature. She has always had an interest in the way authors write stories because of the creativity that goes into it. Something else that requires creativity is dance which Vivian has loved...

Juliette P.
Juliette P.
Student Life Writer

Juliette wants to be a successful teacher when she grows up. Some of her extracurricular activities are dance and ice skating. She enjoys reading books, watching Marvel movies, and listening to Taylor...

Chloe S.
Chloe S.
Opinion Writer

Chloe enjoys working with other people. She wants to pursue being a doctor in the future. Chloe has a big love for cats, especially the grey ones. She likes dogs too, of course. Chloe's mom is insanely...

Brooklynn H.
Brooklynn H.
School News Writer

Brooklynn loves to twirl and help at church. She also wants to be a kindergarten teacher, she wants to be a teacher just like her mom. She also started baton twirling like her mom when she was 3 years...

Kaitlin L.
Kaitlin L.

Kaitlin is a DCIS student with a passion for designing, art, and reading. Her personality is often considered as a bubbly and overall friendly person. Kaitlin’s daily life consists of spending quality...

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The student news site of Day Creek Intermediate School
The student news site of Day Creek Intermediate School