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The student news site of Day Creek Intermediate School

The Day Creek Howl

The student news site of Day Creek Intermediate School

The Day Creek Howl

The student news site of Day Creek Intermediate School

The Day Creek Howl

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The US recently opened up the international border, which is causing floods of people to cross.
US Opens International Borders
Elaria B., Writer • November 15, 2021

The U.S. on Monday lifted travel restrictions on visitors from 33 countries, including Canada, Mexico, and European nations for...

Gas Prices are going up rapidly and almost topping the highest price ever recorded.
California Gas Prices
Elaria B., Writer • November 15, 2021

As the Thanksgiving travel season is coming closer, residents heading out of town via car may be seeing a huge raise at gas stations....

On November 5th, tragedy struck Texas, when eight people were killed in an Astroworld concert.
AstroWorld Concert
Abigail B., Writer • November 8, 2021

On November 5, 2021, the AstroWorld concert took place in Houston, Texas. What seemed to be another fun-filled night for the participants...

In 1972, Congress passed a law that granted citizens over the age of 18, as adults. However, this has created some problems in society.
Adulthood in America and It's Issue
Aurora GS., Kirsten L., and Thomas T. October 13, 2021

In 1972, Congress made the final decision to change the age of legal adulthood to 18 from the prior age of 21. Becoming a grown-up...

On November 5th, tragedy struck at Astroworld, which resulted in the loss of ten lives.
Tragedy Strikes At Astroworld Concert
Ryan W. and Ryan A. November 17, 2021

Tens of thousands of people surround you. Chaos erupts quicker than you can process. The weight of hundreds press against your...

Teachers at Day Creek Intermediate share how they chose Student of the Month for teamwork.
SOTM for September: Teamwork
September 29, 2020
Andrew H. is a DCIS student who has been improving his swimming skills since the age of four. He has practiced a majority of his life to accomplish his dream of becoming an Olympic swimmer.
Coyote Makes a Splash at Junior Olympics
Jadyn K., Adrian M., Declynn G., and Emily L. November 17, 2021

As you walk into the meet, nervous energy begins to build. You have worked so hard to make it to this point and you're finally...

While some students may see reading as a waste of time, it can benefit your education in many ways.
AR: Notoriously Beneficial
November 15, 2021
Students have been taking part in the Devious Lick Trend by vandalizing school property. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?
A Devious Challenge
October 21, 2021
With such a slow start to the year, many Lakers fans are wondering what is the cause for this unexpected downfall.
The Retirement Home
Justin T., Morgan C., and Sophia T. November 11, 2021

Are the Los Angeles Lakers in trouble? With a 6-5 record and 8th place in the Western Conference, the former 2020 NBA Champions...

The National Basketball Association will not require players to take the vaccine.
NBA Vaccine
October 12, 2021

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The Weekly Smile

Monday, October 11th

Q: Two pickles fell out of a jar onto the floor. What did one say to the other?

A: Dill with it.

Quote of the Week

Monday, October 12th

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”


Song Review: No Time for Toxic People
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Governor Gavin Newsom announced that students K-12 must repeat the 2019-2020 school year.
April 1 Update: COVID-19 2020-2021 School Retention Plan will hold back students for the upcoming school year 
Carolina A., Bella D., and Ashley P. March 31, 2020

*Dear readers, the following article is an April Fool’s piece written expressly for our Chives section of the Howl. This humorous collection of articles is meant solely...

Song Review: No Time for Toxic People
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Silent Suffering
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