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The student news site of Day Creek Intermediate School

The Day Creek Howl

The student news site of Day Creek Intermediate School

The Day Creek Howl

This is the 2024 LA County Fair’s logo.
Credit: LA County Fair

2024 LA County Fair

JD K. May 15, 2024

The Los Angeles County Fair is well underway with a 25-day schedule. This annual event is located in Pomona California. Like any fair, the LA County Fair has rides, games, arts and crafts, live events,...

Shou Zi Chew, the TikTok CEO, testifying on Capitol Hill for the House Energy and Commerce Committee under the title; “TikTok: How Congress Can Safeguard American Data Privacy and Protect Children from Online Harms”

Credit; AP

TikTok Sues The United States

David B. May 9, 2024

The Chinese company, ByteDance, filed a legal challenge against a bill that could result in a ban on Tiktok. They claim that the bill violated the company's First Amendment rights. They claim that it suppresses...

Someone repairing a fiber optic cables that transports internet traffic throughout the world
Credit: Via Kuka Cable

FCC Restores Net Neutrality

David B. May 3, 2024

The Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) voted, 3-2, last Thursday to restore net neutrality. Net neutrality, “are a national standard by which we ensure that broadband internet service is treated...

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner landing. Whistleblowers question the safety of the aircraft.
Credit: Boeing via

Boeing whistleblowers hearing in Congress

David B. April 29, 2024

Whistleblowers and an expert panel were summoned to Congress for back to back hearings. A group of whistleblowers, people who inform that a company or person is performing illegal activity, snitched on...

The dark spots appear to be spiders according to the European Space Agency, but are actually something else.

Credits to the European Space Agency

“Spiders” found on Martian terrain

David B. April 29, 2024

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Mars Express found “spiders” on the red planet. The spiders aren't the supposedly scary arachnids, but a natural geographic formation. The ESA explains that they...

This picture shows the graffiti that caused Sapphire Falls to close.

Rancho Cucamonga is given $2.6 million to buy 122 acres for a new trail

JD K. April 18, 2024

Rancho Cucamonga is being given $2.6 million to buy up to 122 acres of a 264-acre parcel known as King Ranch, which sits between the neighborhood and the surrounding San Bernardino and Angeles national...

The Tidal Basin’s cherry blossoms at D.C.

Japan will give new cherry trees to Washington D.C.

David B. April 16, 2024

The United States and Japan have shared a long history together. In 1912, Yukio Ozaki, the mayor of Tokyo, sent over 3,000 cherry blossom trees to Washington D.C. Over time, the cherry blossoms became...

Incognito mode is not as private as you think.

Google agrees to delete billions of records

David B. April 9, 2024

Boies Schiller Flexner filed a class action lawsuit against Google in 2020 for $5 billion for an invasion of privacy. AP reports that Flexner claimed he was misled to think that Google didnt’ track its...

The engine cover of a Boeing 737-800 blowing in the wind taken by a passenger 

Southwest flight loses engine cover

David B. April 9, 2024

Just a few months after the Alaska Airlines mid-flight blowout, a Boeing airplane suffered another mechanical failure. On Sunday, a Boeing 737-800 operated by Southwest bound for Huston lost an engine...


April’s Total Solar Eclipse

JD K. April 8, 2024

April has a pretty cool surprise coming for us this year, a very rare total solar eclipse. This solar eclipse is special because it is one of three that’ve happened in a short period of time. The last...

The aftermath after the MV Dali crashed into the Key Bridge.

Baltimore Key Bridge collapse

David B. April 2, 2024

In the early hours of Tuesday, a MV Dali cargo ship called out for mayday. According to AP, the vessel left Baltimore Harbor to Sri Lanka when it lost power. Within minutes of the ship’s mayday call,...

Artist’s concept of the Voyager craft in interstellar space attempting to send signals to NASA.

Credit: NASA

Voyager 1 responds back home

David B. March 21, 2024

Both Voyagers were launched in 1977. Ever since then, the twin probes have explored the outer reaches of the solar system and beyond. Both Voyagers send data about deep space after taking majestic pictures...

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