AirPod Straps


credited to nordstrommedia

Nordstrom had the… well…. unique idea to create a fashionable strap for the wireless AirPods.

Mikah C. and Riley G.

At Day Creek Intermediate School, everyone is an AirPod fan. They’re popular because they don’t have a strap; they’re lightweight and portable; they’re easy to hide from the eyes of ever-present proctors, teachers, and administration; and they connect wirelessly to students’ devices. AirPods are everywhere.

Imagine you are listening to the latest hit through your slick new AirPods when you stroll into Nordstrom in search of some cool new shoes. You’re heading through the aisles when you notice a sign advertising a flashy new cord for your cordless earbuds.  

A new product has been brought to market: AirPod straps. Nordstrom is now selling a product to make cordless AirPods corded once again. 

What a genius idea!

“I love them! Who knew what a good idea it was to give strapless AirPods straps?” said 7th grader Chloe M., with more than a hint of sarcasm.

AirPods have always been missing something. Apple never fully grasped the concept of earbuds. Nordstrom realized what was missing and created an expensive solution. Yet it’s obviously worth the $60.00 price tag.  

“The price is ridiculous,” said Julia M., Day Creek student. 

Okay, maybe it’s only worth it for some people.

Now instead of your AirPods constantly falling from your ears, you can hang the strap around your neck to prevent the loss of these fashionable gadgets. Instead of putting the product back in the case, where they can charge, now you can carry them everywhere! 

The strap does not charge your AirPods, but it makes up in style what’s lost in complete dysfunction. With a wide variety of colors for Nordstrom to select, they didn’t. Instead, they went monochrome. 

“The colors are beautiful! Who knew that black and white were actually in the color spectrum?” said Chloe M. 

Apple’s origin of AirPods intended to eliminate the need for a restraining strap. However, Nordstrom’s strap, according to the reviews, is not restraining at all! 

“If you add straps, investors will get more money because you’ll still look really rich with your AirPods, but at the same time you’re not gonna lose them,” said 7th grader Kirby J.

Ok, we know what you must be thinking…

What a stupid invention!

Ironically, people don’t seem to care that the straps altogether defeat AirPod’s purpose! With a recent 4 out of 5-star rating, the AirPod straps appear to be positively received. 

In response to the twelve generally positive reviews of Nordstrom’s AirPod straps page (as of December 5), 7th grader Joanna K. said, “I think [the reviewers] are crazy and they have something wrong with their brain.”

For those who really want a strap for earbuds, perhaps they should consider purchasing basic earbuds, which are on the rack for a few bucks at the Dollar Tree. $24 will provide you and 23 of your closest friends a set of wired earbuds.

Or, you can be like normal people, and pay 60 extra dollars to re-strap what was meant to be strapless.