Failure Is An Option!


Image Credited to Tori D.

Failure CAN be an option!

Tori D. , Writer

The Day Creek Intermediate motto is “Failure is not an Option.” But if you’re intent to fail miserably, I suppose you could attempt to follow these steps!

  1. You get home. What is the first thing you do? It’s pretty obvious. Go right onto your phone and start binge-watching Netflix. Homework? Test prep? Nah. Perhaps you could cook up some good ol’ Cup- a-Noodle soup? Now that you have done that, get out your backpack and start doing your homework! Haha you think to yourself. Doing my homework will only make me tired! To steer away from holding a pencil, choose to hold your Xbox controller instead. What’s wrong with playing a little Fortnite until dinner? Actually, you can skip dinner tonight! Play Fortnite until the stroke of midnight!
  2. Studysync? More like Study STINK! No one likes annotations, so just take a nice long nap. It’ll match the nap you tried to take in PACK anyway! Plus, that means you can stay up later to play Fortnite.
  3. Maybe you should walk away from that screen to hang out with your friends at Victoria Gardens. A new pair of shoes at Vans is definitely more important than prepping for that math test tomorrow! And when the mall closes, why head home to work on your study guide?  Isn’t “Mean Girls” or “The Godfather” a better idea? If not, there’s always Fortnite.

Once it reaches 3:00 a.m., you crack open your social studies textbook, your Chromebook, and your binder to finally begin working on your homework. But, it’s just middle school. It doesn’t really matter. And you’ll definitely change years of bad habits when you get to high school, right? Probably not. Those missing assignments will continue to be missing and your scores will be as low as ever. Oh well, at least you got three Victory Royales!