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1989 (Taylor’s Version) is setting the bar for pop albums

This is the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) album by Taylor Swift.
This is the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) album by Taylor Swift.

“You were all I wanted, but not like this,” is a lyric from All You Had To Do Was Stay in Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 (Taylor’s Version). Last Friday, October 27, Taylor Swift released her long-awaited 1989 (Taylor’s Version), almost a decade after the original album’s production date. The name of the new release coincides with her birthday, symbolizing the origin of her image and artistry.

The release of this highly anticipated album was a sweet surprise to fans during the final U.S leg of the Eras Tour, shortly after the re-recording of Swift’s Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). Fans showed much excitement for this album, reminiscing how Taylor Swift transitioned from country to pop music in her original 1989 album.This time, much healthier and Clean.”

1989 (Taylor’s Version) consists of 21 tracks with 16 re-recorded originals and 5 new “From The Vault” songs. Along with the original titles, the phrase “Taylor’s Version” had been added next to each title, marking Swift’s ownership.

The album characterizes her past emotions and relationships during a very significant period of Swift’s life. The tracks explore a new chapter of her music emphasizing her youth and freedom often dealing with heartache. Songs like “Blank Space (Taylor’s Version)” and “Sl*t! (From the Vault) (Taylor’s Version)” take a deep drive through the stereotypes of Taylor’s love life. 

“She is very detailed with her songs describing every emotion. I think 1989 shows [her feelings towards] relationships, friendships, and [her] mood,” said Lavinia U.

Within minutes of the album’s release, it exploded across social media and music streaming. On October 28, just one day after the album’s launch, Spotify announced that Swift had broken her own record of the most streams in a single day with 176 million streams on the album’s debut.

Songs such as “Now That We Don’t Talk” and “Is It Over Now?” have caught attention from devoted fans of Taylor Swift, ‘Swifies’ who seem to resonate with the lyrics, applying it to their own personal experiences. This led to a rising trend, specifically on the Tiktok platform. Since their release, these tracks have been a fan favorite with its growing popularity. 

“My favorites are “Sl*t!,” “Is It Over Now?,” or “Now That We Don’t Talk,” said 7th grader Mya G. She later expressed her idea for the popularity of these songs by saying, “Because it’s Taylor Swift.”

The almost 10-year gap between the original album and the re-release has caused fans to notice Swift’s richer, developed vocals. Many of her re-released songs from the prior iconic album display her maturity and growth.

“It definitely sounded more cleaner and much better [compared] to the original,” said 7th grader Rachel P.

1989 (Taylor’s Version) succeeds in capturing (or recapturing) all sorts of feelings across genres, ranging from up-beat tracks to deep and emotional reflections of Taylor’s life. 

“It is one of her most iconic albums, and it just makes me feel so alive and happy when listening to it,” said 8th grader Gabriella C.

Swift’s album has sparked a wave of nostalgia and excitement not only among fans but also within the music industry. It’s a journey back in time to anyone familiar with the 2014 version, an album that skyrocketed Swift’s career. The album successfully recaptures the sentiment from the original 1989 album while introducing newfound talent and musical maturity that has developed over the last decade. It’s a perfect mix of nostalgia and originality.

5/5 stars

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