What Influence Does TikTok Provide?

Troy S.

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Although TikTok can be fun, there are cautions that should be taken to avoid risks.

How do you spend your time on social media?

I use it for entertainment.

To help time pass.

When I get bored.

It is okay to own technology. What is not okay is to be owned by technology.”

— Abhijit Naskar

These are the most common answers, along with: That’s what it’s for, right? 

It’s obvious that most social media users of TikTok, Instagram and BeReal do it for amusement or to cure boredom. But sometimes what is posted brings more value than simple entertainment. It can also broaden your opinion on things involving the news, people and politics.

Most adults are well aware of the risks of social media and the potentially negative effect it has on kids. This happens mostly through posts from social influencers. For example, some people recently found Kanye West’s posts to be anti-semitic while others agreed with him. Reactions like this represent how adults see TikTok. There are many toxic videos on TikTok, but what about the good things? 

“I feel like it’s entertaining to watch people do things that you wouldn’t do yourself,” said Emily N.

Students who spend considerable time on TikTok often justify it by saying, “I mostly like watching funny videos that I can relate to.”

It’s common for people to relate to things on TikTok, especially since most content originates from users our age. Yet humor on TikTok can have a good side or a bad side, both affecting the user.

TikTok users have grown comfortable while using the app; leading users to share their own problems in life. This is often referred to as a vent post. Vent posts can be stressful for both the person who posts it, and anyone who sees it.

Depending on the type of person you are, learning and understanding an older person’s stress at a young age can take its toll once you face a similar problem in the future. There will always be others though, some in which people 14 and under will relate too. 

“When I see a video that covers a problem that I’m going through; I makes me feel a bit better, especially when I check the comments, and I see everyone being able to relate,” said Zareen Y.

Seeing someone display their feelings on social media is common, and many people who have gone through similar situations may know how to help. Kids sometimes struggle with asking for help when they face a mental problem, but On TikTok, they can find a potential solution.

In the end, you choose how you want to be affected – whether you want to question what you see or believe it. TikTok influences people’s choices for the present and the future.

“It is okay to own technology. What is not okay is to be owned by technology,” said Abhijit Naskar