“Paws To Share” Spends a Week at Day Creek

To many students suprise, there were therapy dogs during lunch to help kids cheer up.

Camilla S. & Kaitlyn M.

To many students suprise, there were therapy dogs during lunch to help kids cheer up.

Declynn G., Emily L., Jadyn K., and Adrian M.

It’s another typical Monday at Day Creek Intermediate School. You head to your regular lunch hangout with your friends but stop when you notice a few unusual Ez-Ups. There is already a long line of students who are waiting to pet three therapy dogs. You may have been feeling down, but the unexpected sight and touch of canine fur cheers you up. 

“Everyone loves dogs, dogs are awesome. When I look at them, I feel happy because dogs are cute,” said 7th grader, Addison W. 

On November 29th to December 3rd, an organization named Paws to Share visited Day Creek Intermediate School with an array of different therapy dogs. The organization also provides visits with cats, though Day Creek’s visit only featured canines. The event was set up by Mrs. Burr after a stressful week of iReady testing sessions.

“Paws to Share” was founded by Jamie Goldfarb in 2016. The organization provides an experience to those who are unable to have pets of their own. 

“Our mission is to be able to bring pets to people who want a relationship with them, but for whatever reason they can’t keep them. We visit schools, colleges, senior facilities, offices, and apartments. We always do our best to bring the same dogs back time over time so that people actually start to feel like the dog is partly theirs,” said Goldfarb. 

These “Paws to Share” go to retirement homes, schools, or even individual homes for appointments with a family and a dog. Paws to Share’s certified therapy dogs are family-friendly towards other dogs, children and adults.

“It’s not so much training, it’s actually much more about the personality and their temperament. Clearly no displays of aggressive or reactive behaviors. When we certify our dogs, for the most part they will be really calm, they will be fairly quiet, and just love getting the attention. It is much more about a dog’s personality than anything else,” said Jamie. 

These animals can provide a moment of warmth and happiness to people who don’t have pets or may have lost a pet. Visitors can also continue to meet with a certain dog to create a bond. 

“Our mission is to be able to bring pets to people who want a relationship with them, but for whatever reason they can’t keep them,” said Jamie Goldfarb.

These dogs have many different benefits besides relationship building. They can lower stress, reduce blood pressure and keep people company during difficult times.

“When we started this company we looked at all the research. The reality is that domesticated dogs evolve to be responsive towards people. So they kind of manipulate us, the way they respond to us, [with] their head tilt. They’re listening to us, they’re providing affection, they train themselves to train us to be responsive to them,” said Jamie Goldfarb.

“Paws to Share” has grown as a company that began in Los Angeles and has continued to expand throughout California, with hopes of being international. The organization has over two-hundred dogs and handlers causing the founder to envision big plans for their future. 

“Our goals have a lot to do with growth for the benefits of what we do provide. We want to have as many wonderful dogs joining on the visits. We would like to make this national, perhaps even international,” Goldfarb said. 

Many dogs who never have a chance of getting adopted are taken in by the “Paws to Share” organization. They are cared for and able to help bring a light into people’s lives. 

“90% of our dogs are rescues. There are a lot of great dogs that for whatever reason never get adopted. They can come, we’ll help them, they’ll get great food, be around other great dogs, and go on visits because the dogs get as much out of the visits as the people,” Goldfarb said. 

Paws to Share offers ongoing canine connection in a non-judgemental, friendly manner. When you see a dog, you just want to hug it. That is what these dogs are here for you to cuddle, love, and hug.

“Dogs are way better than people [because] they’re relaxing. Everyone needs to have a dog. They’ll just love you,” said Julie H.