Home Sweet Home Alone Isn’t So Sweet



20th Century Studios has created a new Home Alone movie, but the movie hasn’t had the same magic as the original.

Kylie A. and Andrew H.

20th Century Studios has created a new Home Alone movie, just in time for Christmas. But it falls incredibly short of the greatness expected from the original Macauly Culkin holiday classic. The updated rendition decided to cast Archie Yates as Max Mercer, the 2021 version of the original protagonist, Kevin McCallister. 

Even though no one asked for a new Home Alone movie, we got one anyways.They should’ve left good enough alone, verified by Rotten Tomatoes, whose movie’s tomatometer revealed a lowly 17% on their tomatometer. Even worse, the audience scored this movie at 15%.

Home Sweet Home Alone had to live up to a certain theatrical expectation set by the original  Home Alone films. We’re sorry to say that this movie failed miserably.

The production tried to remake lines in the original movie like replacing “I made my family disappear” from the first Home Alone with lines like “They don’t even know I’m here” in the 2021 version. This is just a dreadful remake of the iconic line from Kevin McCallister.  

The so-called antagonists in the story aren’t even evil. Their only motivation to break into the house was an ugly doll. In the original movies, the villains had a realistic reason to rob the McAlister home: they simply wanted money and a child would not be a formidable roadblock. The theft of a doll is hardly a believable premise for a robbery.

The movie is so boring that the audience risks dozing off. 15 minutes of viewing might bring some pretty heavy eyelids. 

While the writers and producers worked to put heart and humor into the film, it’s still a miss.  Obviously, any sequel will be compared to the original. Yet in it trying to copy famous lines and its overall boring version of Home Alone, we would give this movie a 2/10.