Day Light Savings Time



Daylight Savings time occurs every six months in the year; we either gain or lose an hour.

Elaria B. and Abigail B.

Have you ever wondered what happens during daylight savings time? The mystery of gaining and losing an hour or sleep. Well, on Sunday November 7th, most of the world will “fall back.” Many will gain an hour of sleep! But have you ever wondered how this happens? It was originally created to get farmers sunlight early in the morning, so they could get more work done. However, many people question whether or not that is still needed. “By the time we leave our tasks, it’s dark already. This means we get less exposure to the sun, which reduces the amount of vitamin D our bodies produce,” stated Utswmed. As the world goes around the sun citizens will get more or less daylight depending on where the earth is. People will lose an hour on March 14th and gain an hour on November 7th. So every six months daylight savings occurs. We gain an hour because we didn’t get as much sunlight during the winter months. So people make use of every hour they can get.