Business’ and the Vaccine Mandate



The vaccine mandate has many people worried about what is to come; there are many questions, but little-to-no answers.

Elaria B., Writer

Many citizens and people around the world are worried about President Joe Biden’s Covid vaccine mandate for companies, that could lead to a massive drop of employees. Tons of business groups are pleading the White House to delay the mandate until after the holidays. White House officials at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) held dozens of meetings with labor unions, industry lobbyists and private individuals last week to finalize this decision. If the mandate is approved, it will require businesses with 100 or more employees to get the Covid vaccine, or get tested weekly for the virus. 

The American Trucking Association met with the OMB on Tuesday and warned the administration last week that vast amounts drivers would likely quit, rather than getting vaccinated. This could cause disruption to the national supply chain, even when the industry is already 80,000 drivers short. The trucking association estimates that companies covered by the mandate will lose at least 37% of drivers. “Now placing vaccination mandates on employers, which in turn force employees to be vaccinated, will create a workforce crisis for our industry and the communities, families and businesses we serve,” said C.E.O of the American Trucking Associations, Chris Spear. If the mandate occurs, it will cause harm to the economy and shortages will become more common.