A Devious Challenge


Camilla S. & Kaitlyn M.

Students have been taking part in the Devious Lick Trend by vandalizing school property. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Declynn G., Adrian M., Emily L., and Jadyn K.

As you rush to the restroom those last few minutes of lunch, you peer inside and all you see is destruction. Someone threw toilet paper all over the stalls and the soap dispensers have been torn from their brackets. You head for the lunch proctor, knowing that a student took part in the Devious Lick trend from TikTok.

TikTok launched in China in 2016 and now has 1.5 billion users. It is currently the top social media platform in the entertainment category of Apple’s App Store. 

“[The app] gives kids an opportunity to do some fun dances and different things with family members or friends to build relationships. [I] feel like it appeals to kids in a sense because they do different things such as dancing, challenges, and opportunities to gain followers just like the other social media platforms,” said Ms. Burr, Day Creek’s school counselor. 

Some trends on TikTok have had positive cultural outcomes. For instance, the “I’ll Never Forget You” TikTok trend shows photos of people who have made a significant impact on the lives of those who share similar stories. However, other trends affect the community negatively, like the recent Devious Lick movement.

The “Devious Lick” challenge consists of vandalizing, stealing classroom supplies, and ruining school property. Teachers, staff members, and students around the country have voiced their concern, expressing that they have had enough of this spiraling craze. 

“First off, you’re destroying school property. Which means the school has to pay to have those things replaced. So if we’re doing this, it’s taking money away from you guys because we have to use personal school funds to replace the damaged property,” said Day Creek’s assistant principal, Mrs. Vander-laan.

Day Creek’s administrative team are intent on stopping the ongoing destruction caused by the recent Tiktok challenge. The Day Creek staff hopes that students won’t stand by silently while their campus is being damaged. 

“If you see something, tell someone. That’s the biggest thing for us. It helps us prevent future things from happening. It also lets you guys know that we expect you to be safe, respectful, and responsible,” said Mrs. Vander-laan.

Students who participate in destructive Tiktok challenges risk significant punishment, depending on the severity of the damage. There are many different consequences that students may face if they choose to engage in this challenge.

“Mrs. Tarasi talked about [educational code violations] when we did our presentations in the beginning of the school year. So you have the potential of community service consequences. [Students ] could be suspended. If they took it really far, they have the potential of being expelled because when those educational codes are broken, we have big consequences,” said Mrs. Vander-Laan.

TikTok has real benefits for everyone when it’s utilized correctly. Many teens use TikTok to express their creativity and feelings. It’s a great avenue to share happiness, frustration, and humor. It allows users to feel more understood once they see others who share similar emotions and experiences.

“I would say that Tiktok and any social media platform has [its] positives and negatives. I think that it can bring students together if it’s handled in a respectful manner, but [there] are things such as this challenge that can bring about some negative behavior,” said Ms. Burr.