Knotts Scary Farm



The world renown Knotts Berry Farm is opening up it’s fall classic park called Knott’s Scary Farm. Are you up for the challenge?

Abigail B., Writer

The world-renowned Knotts Berry Farm is opening up its fall classic park called Knotts Scary Farm. A fun, exciting, thrilling experience. But have you ever looked at the behind-the-scenes of this event? Every year the first thing they do is find the actors to scare all of the people brave enough to enter. They go into training and learn how to scare,  slide, and give guests an amazing experience. They then start designing! With eight mesmerizing mazes, there is a lot of hard work and labor that goes into the presentation. Making sure the lighting, precision, decoration is perfect. 

Now it’s about opening night! Make-up is being put on, lights and fog machines are being set up, and then the opening ceremony. The actors come out. The lights turn off. The fog comes on. Then… the scaring begins. Now that you know more about this crazy event, are you up for the challenge?