Luca: A Creature of Land and Sea



Disney Pixar Luca, is a great family friendly movie for all ages to enjoy.

Kylie A. and Andrew H.

Disney’s 2021 animated movie, Luca is a family-friendly, adventurous comedy. The movie’s cast includes Jack Dylan Grazer, Jacob Tremblay, Emma Berman, Maya Rouldof, Jim Gaffigan, and Saverio Raimondo.

Disney has done it again, giving us another heartwarming comedy. With the perfect cast and the ideal use of imagination and mythology, Luca looks to be another success in a long line of memorable Disney movies. 

Luca’s inspirational theme gives kids the confidence to do anything, but the message is communicated in a funny way even captured in Alberto’s catchphrase: “Silenzio, Bruno!”

Luca follows in the footsteps of many classic Disney movies with a target audience that ranges from small children through the parents who buy the tickets. Like a lot of Disney movies, it makes the viewer feel good at the end. 

From start to finish, this movie will generate a wide range of emotions, making you laugh out loud and brush back tears. Luca’s love for his family and friends is obvious.

As always with Disney, Luca’s animation is amazing. From the depiction of sea monsters to the realistic looks of a little Italian town like Portorosso, Disney got it right.

Luca’s script includes a variety of jokes that will keep the family interested. Plus, with the culture of an Italian town and people, the audience will appreciate the backdrop of the story beyond the warmth of the plot. 

The Howl recommends Luca to all, as it will surely inspire and entertain a wide range of audience members. “Piacere (pleased to meet you),” Alberto announced in the film. Indeed, you will be.