Does Price Determine Ethics?



The i-phone 13 is now on pre order but will this change the electronics economy?

Abigail B., Writer

Does price determine value? On September 14th, 2021 the i-phone 13 is out for preorder. As soon as this happens the i-phone 11 drops in price. Does this mean fewer people will purchase the i-phone 11? Will people go for the 13 because it costs more? So many questions waiting for answers. People with nice things feel confident about themselves. Will people buy the 13 for “bragging rights”? A survey taken by Slickdeals shows that 56 percent of Americans brag about their nicer things. If people will brag about this naturally, then there have to be people that will buy nicer things just to boast about it. Will this release change the economy for electronics? Is Apple taking over the industry?