20 Years Later: Looking Back at 9/11



20 years later, people still remember one of the worse days in U.S. history.

Elaria B. and Abigail B.

September 11th, 2001; An unforgettable day that would change the world forever, yet 20 years later we still have so much to learn. 8:46 am the north tower of the World Trade Center was hit. 17 minutes later the south tower, gone. The World Trade Center, The Pentagon, Shanksville, Pennsylvania all hit by this tragic attack. 20 years later, it’s all over… or is it?

            September 11th, 2021. The 20th anniversary of this dreadful day. Will it be just another day? Or will it be much more?  Does this anniversary make us more vulnerable to an attack? So many questions from anxious people waiting for answers. With America’s recent events with Afghanistan, people are worried this makes us a target. People are angry, sad, and depressed and they want revenge. While officials tell citizens not to worry, victims and people with connections to the attack have different opinions. “ The promise of a review is simply not enough.” said a victim of the attacks. The date 9/11/01 will go down in history, but the real question is, will 9/11/21 go down with it?