Playstation 5 Madness



The PS5 still remains as a very tough item to obtain, even a few months after it’s launch.

Ryan A., Audrey C., and Dilnoor K.

The launch of the new PS5 (Playstation 5), on November 12, 2020, caused sales to shoot up faster than anyone imagined, as digital and physical shelves have been swept clean day after day. The moment the new Playstation arrived, millions of people were ecstatic to get their hands on one. Yet, it seems that Sony was unprepared for the madness. For some, it was a breeze to acquire the new console. But for others, it was quite the opposite. 

Back in June of 2020, Sony showcased their new technology. There were two editions of the Playstation 5. An all digital version, priced at $399.99, and a disc version at $499.99. Potential customers were thrilled, and could not wait to make the purchase. Unfortunately, Sony did not expect for sales to shoot up as quickly as they did. Supply did not match demand.  

According to Sony, 4.5 million PS5’s have been sold so far. It is clear, though, that this was not enough, and Sony has said they are working to produce more consoles. “We have been relentless in terms of trying to increase production,” said Sony Interactive Entertainment President, Jim Ryan. 

Microsoft also came out with two new consoles, a more affordable next-gen option in the Xbox Series S, and their premium console, the Xbox Series X. Microsoft’s new consoles have also been out of stock. However, people have seen the affordable next gen console, the Series S, available for purchase for longer periods than other next generation options.

 According to an IGN poll of 50,000 people, the PS5 beat the Xbox Series X dramatically. 43.3% said they would buy the PS5, while only 25.7% said they would purchase the Xbox Series X. According to Microsoft, 2.8 million units of both the Xbox Series X/S have been sold. 

Even though the new PlayStation has been out of stock, there are still places that sell them, but only at a premium. These scalpers buy the PlayStation 5 and sell them for a much higher price. StockX has inventory, but would-be customers will pay much more than the retail price. Craigslist and EBay have similar offerings, but they may not be 100% authentic. It is too easy for sellers to scam victims into buying high-priced items that don’t actually exist. 

Even though the PS5 has been difficult to find, one method has helped people find their brand new console. First, download Twitter and create an account. Next, follow GYXdeals and turn on their notifications. They offer a notification when a seller has stock of the PlayStation 5, as well as the Xbox Series X/S and GPU/CPU updates.

Finally, do not give up. Sony will eventually manufacture and stock a PS5 with your name on it. With a little tenacity and patience, it’ll be your turn to let the games begin!