Deadly Tornado Strikes Fultondale, Alabama


Wikimedia Commons

A deadly tornado caused severe damage to Fultondale, Alabama.

Lily G., Writer

Late night on Monday, January 25, 2021, an EF-3 tornado with 150 miles per hour wind peaks hit Fultondale, Alabama.  The tornadic storm was extremely destructive, causing tremendous property damage, as well as tree damage along Highway 31.  Although this may seem extreme, this type of damage is repairable, unlike the life of 14-year-old Elliott Hernandez, who had tried to escape the tornado by finding sanctuary in the basement of his home.  However, a tree that had fallen on the house caused the basement to collapse, with Hernandez still inside.  

This tragic event was not the only one of the night.  Unfortunately, a total of thirty people were injured during the storm, eighteen of which had to be hospitalized.  Others were trapped in homes and had to be rescued by local first responders.  In total, the storm covered a distance of around 9.5 miles, with its intensity varying along its path.  It was a truly devastating event, but the citizens of Fultondale are determined to make it through for their home.