California vs. Florida: How They’ve Handled COVID

Should Florida be opening up their state when they have rising COVID cases?


Should Florida be opening up their state when they have rising COVID cases?

Gwen E., Writer

California and Florida are states in the same country that are handling the worldwide pandemic vastly different. California continues to go on lockdown while most of Florida has opened back up. Why are two states in the same country taking completely different precautions regarding COVID?

California has recorded more COVID cases than Florida but the states have different sized populations. When the data is adjusted for population, Florida is having more cases per 100,000 than California.

It wasn’t a good idea for Florida to open back up during this worldwide pandemic. Although fewer COVID cases are being reported, the death rates are higher in Florida than in California. So was it really worth opening back up at the cost of lives and health? I disagree. Although a complete lockdown may not be the best way to handle COVID it is still better than, completely opening up when there is a virus.

“I think enforcing the lockdown is the best option so the virus does not somehow get them” Gabriella C.

With everything opened up in Florida, there are large numbers of people in one space making which does not help when it comes to the spread of the virus. Although Florida opened up, the state is still following certain protocols so it is not entirely unsafe. However, the state is handling the pandemic much more loosely than other states, even some countries.

California is handling the pandemic with a statewide lockdown that has helped to slow the spread of COVID. Although Florida still has measures of precaution being taken, it is not as safe to open up as a state in the current state the world is in.