NCAA Finals Showdown: Alabama vs Ohio State


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With the NCAA football championship game right around the corner, many are wondering who will take home the win.

Ryan W., Writer

After the completion of the College National Playoff games, all that remains are the top dogs: Alabama Crimson Tide and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Alabama and Clemson have owned college football for over a decade, and it’s no surprise that Alabama is back to the finals with a blowout win over #4 seed Notre Dame. However, many fans were shocked when the #3 seed Ohio State Buckeyes upset the #2 seed Clemson Tigers with a final score of 49-28 on New Year’s Day, ending Clemson star quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s chance at his third consecutive finals appearance. Despite this setback, Lawrence is still expected to be the top pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. 

The championship game will feature quarterbacks Justin Fields and Mack Jones. Justin Fields is a dual threat quarterback who can run with the ball if he needs to and create more opportunities for his team. Meanwhile, Mack Jones is a Pro-Style quarterback whose quarterback rating  has led the nation this year and set an all-time record. A quarterback rating is calculated by completions, interceptions, attempts, touchdowns, and yards.

The Crimson Tides defense played very well against Notre Dame, allowing only 14 points throughout the game. Meanwhile, the Buckeyes gave up 28 points to the Tigers, yet still managed to win by over 20 points. Fans are wondering whether Ohio State’s impressive offense will be enough to top the Crimson Tide’s top-notch defense.

“It should be a fantastic and entertaining game,” said the Saturday Down South staff.

Alabama is a 7-point favorite over Ohio State, and is more likely to win the title. However, Ohio State upset the Tigers, so it is possible that they could do it again against the Crimson Tide.

Like most things have been this year, Covid-19 will be a huge factor going into the finals. At the beginning of the season, Trevor Lawrence’s girlfriend tested positive for the virus, forcing Clemson to rely on Freshman DJ Ugalaliya to take their team to the playoffs. Even though they did make the playoffs, they were not able to take the number #1 seed, meaning they had to play against a tougher team.

Another change that will be made is the number of fans in the stadium. Both teams were in the playoffs last year so they know what it’s like to be there, but there will be half capacity for the finals. This could be a nice advantage for some players, but it may also be a disadvantage for others. 

In looking past Covid-19, many fans are just excited to have football this year and are looking forward to a great game.

“The Alabama vs Ohio State title game is the most talented ever,” said 24/7 sports writer Bud Elliot.