Students of Day Creek: Addison M.

Lily G.

Question: Which do you prefer- sweet or salty foods?

“Ooh I really like salty foods, because if I eat too many sweet foods, my head starts hurting, so I prefer salty. One of my favorite types of salty food is popcorn. I think I might have an addiction to popcorn actually, I probably eat a bag of popcorn every other night. It’s pretty bad. I first started loving popcorn in fifth grade when my mom bought me a giant pack of popcorn, and I think that’s when I became obsessed with it. It also reminds me of the movie theater right now too, and I really miss going to the movies which is why I really like eating popcorn so much.  Another salty food I like is kind of odd, but I really like mashed potatoes. I feel like those can go either way, they could be salty or kind of sweeter, but I like them with a ton of salt, so I love mashed potatoes. For sweet foods, I like them on occasion, for example I’ll eat candy on Halloween, but for birthday parties and such, I cannot eat cake or cupcakes or anything that sweet.”