Halloween Trunk-or-Treat 2020


Mark G.

As a result of the pandemic, this year, Day Creek held a trunk-or-treat instead of a Halloween Bash.

Hannah G., Keira S., and Dilnoor K.

Every year, Day Creek Intermediate School holds a Halloween bash for Day Creek’s students. The party includes a haunted house, competitions, games, and best of all, candy! However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, being in large crowds continues to be unsafe. With this major concern in mind, how did Day Creek manage to keep its tradition alive? This year our school held a Trunk-or-Treat. 

“It took three weeks (to plan and finalize the process)” said assistant principal Mrs. Kelly. “(I was so excited) to get to see my students in person!”

The amount of prep time involved demonstrates the intent Day Creek staff had in continuing the Halloween tradition on campus. This year’s event included several EZ Ups sitting side-by-side throughout the parking lot with 3-5 volunteers at each tent. Everyone had their own device to safely deliver the candy to students. 

“(I could tell that) they worked hard to follow the safety guidelines because they maintained six feet from each other and used grabbers and chutes,” said 7th grader Gabby C.

Although students were prevented from direct interaction, one incentive to participate was the hope to see a familiar face. After seven months of quarantine, social interactions are quite the treat. 

“It was a great experience. I loved seeing my old teachers,” said 8th grader Layne J.

“(I saw) most of my friends and it was a lot of fun because I miss all of them and it was nice to see them in person!” said 7th grader Malak Y.

When the trunk-or-treat started, cars lined up throughout the entire parking lot and down Day Creek Blvd. Each vehicle was full of students, siblings, parents, and dogs in costume, and countless candy bags and plastic pumpkins, all prepared to be filled.

Students visited more than a dozen candy stations complete with decorations, sound effects and costumes. Those receiving the most attention were the Among Us truck and the Jack Skellington station. Each stop had something special and added to the uniqueness of the event

“(My favorite candy station was) the one with Jack Skellington,” 7th grader Lily G. said. “He looked super funny and cool!”

The Among Us truck (was my favorite) because I play the Among Us on my phone” said 7th grader Kailyn S.

Though Covid brought a challenge to continuing our campus’ yearly haunted festivities, Day Creek’s staff continued to find a way to create something enjoyable for students. Absent the haunted house and carnival games, the staff created a substitute event that all of Day Creek’s students will certainly remember.

“I thought it would just be something small,” admits 6th grader Kaeli D., “(The Halloween Trunk-or-Treat) was way better than what I thought it would be!”