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The Day Creek Howl

Round 3! Nemecek! Fight!

Sydney N.
Mr. Nemecek in his Color Rally attire.

It’s hard to believe how long it’s been since our beloved PE teacher’s initial diagnosis and operation. After his surgery, Mr. Nemecek returned to campus and began his postoperative journey.

“Personally, right now, I feel like I’m almost back to 100 percent. I feel like I can do everything I’ve done [in the past]. My heartrate used to get really high when I exercised, and now it’s back to where I can barely get my heart rate up. I’m back to feeling good,” said Nemecek.

A cancer diagnosis can be hard to swallow, yet Nemecek displays ongoing tenacity.

“I can’t repeat the first word I said that came out of my mouth. It rhymes with ‘duck.’ I said it in a sighing manner. I remember sitting in the doctor’s office, and both me and my wife looked at each other and we were like ‘whoa.’ It just kind of took the air out of us. So, it kinda changes you after you hear that,” said Nemecek.

Following his return, Nemecek’s physical activity was limited. To his annoyance, he couldn’t bike or lift weights. Though he has regained a freedom of movement, his journey is far from over. The diagnosis continues to impact his work.

“His presence was definitely missed here, not being able to see him everyday and talk to him was a little different. It’s not the same without him,” said Mrs. Ybarra.

As always, Nemecek strives to remain optimistic.

“I just keep talking to people, and they say I’m in their prayers. I keep a good diet, I keep exercising, and I keep doing as good as I can so I can be as healthy as I can outside of cancer,” said Nemecek.

With this school year coming to an end, Nemecek faces the possibility of radiation therapy going into the summer.

“Hopefully, if I have to do radiation, I’ll do it during the summer. That’s my goal. Or maybe I won’t have to get radiation at all. So then I’ll have a clean slate by then,” said Nemecek.

Nemecek’s school has felt their own frustration by his diagnosis, but he continues to model perseverance, inspiring staff and students alike. He’s remained brave and upbeat despite these trying circumstances.

“You have to keep positive. Keep thinking ‘there’s other people watching me, I need to be a good example for them,” said Nemecek.

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