Food for a Thought



Restaurants have gone through many changes during COVID-19, from preparation to ordering.

Kaavya K., Aishwarya A., and Hayley B.

As a result of the COVID quarantine, restaurant management has been forced to move quickly to avoid shutting its doors . Local eateries have had to, “develop new ways of customers who want to visit our restaurant such as outside dining, drive through, and take out,” said John, an employee at Wendy’s. 

There are contrasting regulations at different restaurants such as how they manage. Shawna, an In-N-Out employee said, ”Due to social distancing in California, food is only available for takeout.” The general manager at Lazy Dog responded similarly: “There are more tables inside [for dine-in].” Although dine-in is an option at some restaurants, there is a limited menu which creates a need for fewer employees and shorter overall hours.

In order to maintain minimal contact, staffing has decreased by 20% in some fast food restaurants. “We don’t have as many servers as usual, [because] we moved them to drive-thru. We are hoping to hire more staff for inside,” said John, a worker at Wendy’s. Other than decreasing the amount of staff, restaurants have been required a change in PPE (personal protective equipment).“Associates have been required to wear a mask and gloves. We have adopted sanitization methods when handling cash or cards,” said Shawna, an employee at In-N-Out.

In contrast, “the ordering process is actually the same,” said John, an employee at Wendy’s. “We have been able to provide the same quality of food, as well as ordering the same, except with masks,” said Shawna at In N’ Out. The ordering process has remained, aside from added sanitation protocols. 

One surprise result to COVID is an unexpected increase in  consumers. ”Although people are advised to stay indoors, more customers have been coming,“said Jose, another employee at Wendy’s. Despite multiple recommendations from California’s health department, people continue to visit local restaurants for pick-up, drive thru, or outside seating, all of which are good for businesses.

“Restaurants have had a hard time adjusting to COVID-19” is a common phrase between different restaurants. There are different ways each restaurant has managed to stay open while abiding the proper precautions.