How has the BLM Movement Affected Middle Schoolers?



With social injustice happening in our country, students at Day Creek share their view on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hayley B.

For many years, African Americans have not been treated fairly. Although the rights of African Americans have changed, many still think they aren’t treated equitably. This year numerous protests have been held in response to racial inequality against African Americans. 

“It is extremely upsetting to me how some people think it is okay to treat others  (differently) because they have a different color of skin. In a way it has affected me, when I see things on the internet and on the news, it really breaks my heart. To see the police, who should be protecting us, hurting innocent people based on the color of their skin. Clearly we didn’t move past things, and the BLM movement is truly trying to help with that and I appreciate it,” said seventh grader Maya G. 

Most people believe African-Americans shouldn’t be treated this way. It is disrespectful to treat someone differently because of their skin color or race. Innocent people are being hurt even though they are like every other ordinary person. Throughout time, the color of an African American’s skin has made their life burdensome. 

“I [believe] that the inequality in our country is unacceptable and that those in the black community have the right to be upset. We need to keep fighting for equality and freedom,” says seventh grader Ryan P. 

The black community is upset and deservedly so. For years and years, African Americans have experienced difficult situations and they continue to get rejected and pushed away from society.

There are people who still don’t accept African Americans because of their race. No violence should come to the protests people are having for equal rights. “I believe that all lives matter. I do not believe or accept any of the violent protesting that is happening,” eighth grader, Harley M. 

When the thought of protesting comes to mind, many tend to think that it automatically means violence. Though that may be the case for some, there are many peaceful protests. Plenty of protests for BLM that happened in our community are peaceful. 

“The BLM movement in my opinion is amazing; I love how different races are coming together to put an end to this racism. It is horrible how people like other people better because of their skin tone. I can’t imagine the pain those families must be going through,” says 7th grader, Aniya G.

Families that are going through such pain may not even be able to put words to their circumstances. Discrimination must be addressed. The Black Lives Matter movement is helping bring people together to raise awareness about the struggles that African Americans continue to face on a daily basis.