Old Enough For A Cell Phone?

Shan M., Luke H., and Frank C.

Most kids on Day Creek’s campus own a cell phone. However, some students don’t. Should these students have phones?


People say that kids our age shouldn’t have cell phones because they are too young or irresponsible. Many students and parents disagree about whether middle school and elementary school kids should have cell phones.   


“We are not old enough for cell phones, because they distract us from work. When some kids do their homework they get distracted from their responsibilities [because of the cell phone],” said Carlos L.


However, there are some advantages in having a phone. Many support children having cell phones, mainly for safety reasons.


“People can text and keep in touch in case of an emergency. If something would happen to someone, you can call 911 to help save them,” said Takbir R.


“You would never have to worry about getting lost somewhere because you could call your parents so you could feel safe,” said Raegan B.


While some students do not have phones, these kids may have a distinct advantage. Students without phones do not stress their eyes after hours of gaming or texting. The temptation to look at inappropriate content is not a problem.


“One advantage is that you don’t have to worry about leaving your phone somewhere,” said Jacob K.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of owning a phone. Whose side are you on? Phone or no phone?