Students of Day Creek: Sienna M. 


credited to Bella D.

Sienna M.

Addison M., Writer

Question: What was it like participating in Day Creek’s production of Annie Jr.?

It was really fun and a good opportunity to make new friends. I really built a family with my castmates and the crew members. I played the Oxydent Girl and the Star-to-be. The Oxydent girl that I played was sort of mean and didn’t want anyone to steal her spotlight. The Star-to-be just wanted to be successful in New York. It was fun to get to explore those two different roles. The whole experience was great, but it got a little stressful because of all of the homework and late assignments after the show. I will definitely audition next year. I was in the play in sixth grade and had a great time, so I auditioned again this year. I plan to do the same in eighth grade.