How COVID-19 has affected Day Creek


credited to Sana M.

COVID-19 has canceled and postponed numerous events, and now Day Creek is shut down for three weeks.

Sana M. , Editor-In-Chief

Coronavirus has struck our world unlike anything most of us have ever seen before. At Day Creek we have postponed and cancelled events for all grades, leaving kids and families disappointed.

The CDC has updated its guidelines, one of which has changed gatherings from a maximum of 500 people allowed to 10. The Etiwanda District took immediate action in following the CDCs recommendations, causing many events to be delayed or cancelled altogether.

The 6th grade trip to Camp Pali was cancelled, leaving a gap for 6th graders who will forever miss the memory. 

The honor roll Knotts Berry Farm was postponed until further notice. 

The 8th graders’ field trips to Six Flags for year-long electives, and the Knotts trip for all of 8th grade was also postponed.

The spring break Washington D.C trip for 7th and 8th graders was pushed back to July. 

Perhaps worst of all, our annual Color Rally was delayed to May 5, leaving months of creative plans in the dust. 

With several functions down the drain, it leaves doubt about the last remaining events, especially the 8th Grade Dance and 8th grade promotion. Though students have been together for countless days, their guests have not. With risks of social spread, these too are likely to be canceled.

As school was shut down on March 13, celebratory shouts resounded in classrooms and hallways. The campus will remain closed from March 16 to May 4. Many students were excited about a perceived extension of spring break, while others were freaking out. Teachers were left clueless regarding lesson plans as such drastic measures hadn’t occurred since the Spanish influenza. A Chaffey Joint administrator, Mat Holton, posted on twitter, “Not the first time… According to the Chaffey High School Fasti Yearbook, the Chaffey District closed during the 1918-19 school year for 10 1/2 weeks ‘due to a flu epidemic.’ ” And then a reply to the tweet is a link to a CDC article on the Spanish flu.

But May is too far for the imagination and Day Creek to now experiencing the outcome of the virus. All we can do is what’s been done: close the school to slow down the process of spreading the virus, and follow the recommendation of the CDC. Hopefully, all will be well and we can arrive back to school safe and happy one day soon. So please Coyotes, stay safe, be responsible, and be respectful. And wash your hands.