Is It A Sport?


Schriever AFB, Joint Base Elmendorf, and Wikimedia Commons

Many physical activities are disregaurded as sports, some think nothing of it, but is this really okay?

Azam E., Writer

There are over 8000 sports, according to Steemit. Yet some argue that physical exercise does not make an activity a sport. All across social media, videos degrade sports like cheer, archery, and dance. This can be offensive to those who engage in these sports.

“I think it’s messed up how people disrespect. And even though it’s their opinion, it’s still hurting people’s feelings,” said Tanush M.

Cheer is an activity experienced by over 3.3 million people in the U.S, says Active Network. In cheer, cheerleaders shout out cheers and do intricate dances to rile up a crowd and encourage the team they are rooting for. Most high schools that have a football team also have a cheer squad to accompany it.  Cheer is regularly strenuous and competitive. It should be considered a sport and deserves its respect.

¨Whether practiced indoors or out, competitively or socially – and despite often being perceived as stationary – archery gets you active, burning calories and in a better state of mind,” said Andrea V.

Archery involves the use of a bow launching an arrow at a target. It was originally used as a means for hunting and warfare. As weapons advanced, the need for archery became obsolete. The bow and arrow were retired as a weapon and came to be used instead for sport. It exercises the upper body and mind. It is one of the few sports played in the Olympics, a worldwide sports competition. It also deserves its place among other less-recognized sports.

In modern times, it is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity,¨ said archer and writer Britany D.

Music prompts people to feel a sort of unexplainable happiness. Generations of people have responded through variations of cultural dance. Used originally for ceremonies, it is sometimes thought of as an art. Schools exist for the express purpose of perfecting it. Many pay significant money to see dance shows. Because of the athletic strain it sometimes causes, it is a sport and an art.

 ¨In competition, it is a sport because of the physical activity, and because it is being judged,” said former dancer Julia J.