Is Tom Brady Going to Retire or Switch Teams?


CBS Sports

With the Patriots season coming to an end sooner than expected, questions have arouse around whether Brady willl retire, switch teams, or stay with New England.

Shivani R., Writer

Tom Brady, the quarterback for the New England Patriots, is a legend and part of the conversation for GOAT (greatest of all time). Brady has been to the Super Bowl nine times, won six Lombardi Trophies, and four Super Bowl MVPs. He has also been recognized with three MVP awards for his play throughout the season. Most people are truly amazed that Tom Brady is still playing professional football at 42 years old. 

Because of Tom Brady’s age (and recent hints through social media), many assume that he is going to retire this year. As the Patriots have struggled as of late, many people would be happy if Tom Brady weren’t playing for the NFL because their favored team might have a better chance of going to the playoffs. 

However, Tom Brady is likely to continue his reign in the NFL. “I would say that it is pretty unlikely,” said Brady when asked if he was going to stop playing. Nonetheless, Brady is still uncertain about what his future holds. “I don’t know what the future looks like so I’m not going to predict it. I still have more to prove,” said Tom Brady. 

If Brady doesn’t retire this year, it isn’t guaranteed that he will be playing with the New England Patriots. While age is a concern, he still has a strong arm and the ability to command an offense. Brady might just be looking for a fresh start this season, after a lackluster 2019.

Tom Brady was drafted by the New England Patriots in 2000. In 2001, he was the starting quarterback for the Patriots, unexpectedly taking over for Drew Bledsoe. In the last twenty years, Brady has never played for another team. But it might just happen in 2020. As an unrestricted free agent, Tom Brady can go anywhere he chooses. 

It is hard to imagine Tom Brady not wearing a New England jersey. If he were to move to another team, he must want something that the Patriots can’t seem to give him. His motive could be a frustration with upper management drafting players that are not as good as they once were. Perhaps their offense isn’t as great as Brady would like. 

Tom Brady could leave for another team, but the best chance of him winning another Super Bowl appears to be in staying with the New England Patriots. “(Tom Brady needs to say) ‘Hey Bill, I’m tired of throwing to these guys that I’ve never heard of before in my entire life. I’m tired of making people, who can’t even play, look a lot better. Go out and get me the weapons. You go out and get me two offensive weapons.’ With that defense, that coach, and that division, then Tom Brady has the best chance of getting back to the Super Bowl,” said Mike Greenburg.

If Tom Brady does move, we won’t find out until March 16. Until then, no one is sure what jersey Brady will be wearing in 2020.