Is BTS Disbanding?


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In South Korea, males ages 18-28 are required to serve in the military for approximately two years.

Christine L., Writer

The end of 2019 has come and gone, and another year has begun. For most, the new beginning is anticipated with eagerness. However, there is a particular event that many are dreading: BTS may be disbanding in 2020. 

BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) is a K-pop idol group that debuted in 2013 when they were teenagers. Since then, the group has included seven members: RM, Jin, Suga, Jungkook, Jimin, V, and J-Hope. Their fanbase also referred to as A.R.M.Y., is composed of millions from different cultures around the world; each fan drawn to the unique combinations of their talents. 

However, this world-famous boy band is rumored to be disbanding in 2020. Jin, the oldest of the seven, may leave for mandatory conscription. 

In South Korea, males ages 18-28 are required to serve in the military for approximately two years. Artists and athletes who have contributed to the economy are exempted from this obligatory enlistment. However, a new law has been passed, forcing idols to conscript. 

Now the question arises. Will BTS disband after serving in the military?

BigHit Entertainment has denied the rumor. In addition, there is a significant reason why BTS will not be disbanding in the coming 2020. 

Every K-pop idol group signs a contract that binds them to their company for 5-10 years. In BTS’s case, they have a seven-year commitment that was due to expire in 2020. However, they recently renewed their contract, a year before the original agreement terminated. BigHit has confirmed that their contract will expire in 2026, rather than 2020. 

“After the thorough discussion with seven members of BTS, we decided to renew the contract before the world tour to ensure more stable, long-term activities,” BigHit said in a statement. 

Eventually, members of BTS will still have to enlist. However, if they enlist at similar times, they will be able to continue producing music for their fans. They already have another album coming out in February.

A.R.M.Y.s at Day Creek are ecstatic to hear the news.

Shjia L., whose bias is Jungkook, says that she felt great knowing that they weren’t going to disband. “I thought they were going to disband anyway, so might as well not be sad about it.”

Diana S. (bias Suga) is extremely relieved. “[BTS] has a huge influence on my life, and [has affected] how I am today.”