The Story behind the Lanyards


credited by Isabel S.

The lanyards have a purpose for safety and to reward the students for doing something courteous or generous.

Kiley G. and Mireille G.

On September 24, 2019, students at Day Creek Intermediate received lanyards with student IDs. The lanyards are meant to be worn throughout the day to reward students with PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) points. Students are also encouraged to wear their IDs for safety purposes.

“The IDs could be used to tell us who is a DCIS student,” DCIS secretary, Mrs. Ramos said.

Cost is a key factor for anything done on campus. When making a choice to purchase something for students, it’s important to get the best bang for the buck. It’s important that lanyards are worth the money.

“If you knew how cheap those lanyards were, as far as being able to put that money somewhere else, it wouldn’t really have made much of an impact on anything,” said Mrs. Kelley, one of Day Creek’s vice-principals.

Although the cost of the lanyards is important, there is also the price of the idea. How will the lanyards benefit students? 

“The purpose of the lanyards was to be able to access the IDs easy so the staff could easily reward students with PBIS points,” Kelley said. 

Points can be used to purchase items from the school store. Options include little things like Takis and Skittles, all the way to a brand-new Chromebook.

Time was also part of the decision to purchase lanyards for students. The goal is to make it quick and easy for staff to reward great student behavior. Teachers, proctors, and administration can access anything they need through the new cards. 

“In our society, we like things to be as easy as possible so that we can do them quickly. Having the lanyards helps to have your ID card which helps PBIS points go a lot faster,” said Mrs. Kelley.

Student lanyards are meant to benefit the students of Day Creek Intermediate through safety, low cost, and time. They’ll help students and staff in distributing points in a quick and easy way.