Discovering Ancient Egyptian Coffins


credited by Wikimedia Commons

A preserved coffin

Payton D., Writer

Archaeologists just discovered twenty sealed coffins in Egypt. The government is going nuts about their discovery. The coffins were found in Assasif, on the west bank of the Nile River.  According to the Washington Post, this is “one of the largest and most important” discoveries in recent history. On Tuesday, Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry tweeted photos of the tombs.

Egypt has no exact guess as to when the coffins were buried. But, “the site where they were found was once part of the ancient city of Thebes.” In ancient Egypt, Thebes was the royal capital. It can be traced all the way back to the 11th dynasty, which existed 2081 and 1939 B.C

The Antiquities Ministry also announced, “Archaeologists had found 30 workshops for the manufacturing and processing of funeral furniture for the tombs of kings in the Valley of the Kings, which served as the primary burial site for pharaohs.” Now, researchers are searching for three big pharaohs: King Thutmose II, Ramses VIII, and King Amenhotep.