Amazon Rainforest on Fire!


Twenty percent of our oxygen's source is being destroyed every second.

Payton D., Writer

For the last three weeks, the Amazon has been on fire. This year, the number of fires in Brazil is the highest record since 2013. “The country’s space research center has already detected more than 80,000 fires this year.” stated, Fox News. Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s president, declared that the rainforest’s fires were caused by nongovernmental organizations because of his administration funding cuts. Although, Bolsonaro’s claim wasn’t supported by any evidence. Many scientists and critics of Bolsonaro have said that Bolsonaro has given people a license to burn the land. 

“On Friday, Bolsonaro said he would send 43,000 Brazilian troops to battle the blazes.” Fox News proclaimed. 

The Amazon Rainforest is home to millions of species and billions of trees. The rainforest supplies 20 percent of our oxygen. The fire gave quite an alarm among, lawmakers, environmental activists, and celebrities. Many people have been donating money to save the rainforest. For example, Actor, Leonardo Dicaprio, has donated $5 million to the Amazon fires. This is a tragedy. We need to put out the fires before it is too late. Before we don’t have a rainforest anymore.