Students of Day Creek: Carolina A.


Image Credited to Madilyn S.

Eden E., Writer

Would you rather be in an abandoned desert or in a packed and noisy city?

A packed and noisy city, because I can’t really concentrate when there is a lot of quiet. I just like it when there is a lot of people around, I just feel more comfortable. I guess I like it that way because I already live in the suburbs and the noise is either close or less than worse in a city I guess. When it’s loud I know that there is a lot of people that I could probably talk to, like I can talk loud when I want. Since I’ve never been to the “big city” that is the main reason I would want to go someplace like that. Maybe when I am in my twenties I would want to go to New York or something. I like when people talk, it makes me feel happy. Hearing different perspectives is very interesting to me.