Avengers: Endgame



We’re in the Endgame now. The last Avengers movie is here.

Hayden K., Writer

With theaters full and fans anxious, the most awaited movie finally arrived: Avengers Endgame. Filled with action and spectacular special effects, it was bound to be amazing. It received a 96% on the Tomatometer and a 92% Audience Score. The movie has made a total of over 2 billion dollars in a total of 11 days. (Spoilers Ahead)

After the snap, the Avengers were living in an almost post-apocalyptic world. Trauma was everywhere. Half of the universe was gone. They learned to cope and face the harsh reality that was upon them. They did not give up. Instead, they planned on retaking the prized Infinity Gauntlet. It would be nearly impossible, but they thought they had figured out a way. With the help of Ant-Man, they did it. They grabbed the stones in six different journeys through time. This was good news, but Marvel movies have to have action right? This did not disappoint. Thanos came flying in from up above to destroy the Avengers base. He sent his goons to kill the group of heroes. But the idea backfired and the Avengers were in a spot to win. The rest of the heroes came out of the imaginary void that they’d faded into years before. Iron Man grabbed the gauntlet and snapped. This removed all of Thanos’ apprentices including Thanos himself. Tragically, Iron Man was dead. Also, a sacrificial death occurred as Black Widow fell from a cliff for the Soul Stone. They had a funeral for Stark, but not Widow. This began the an upcoming Phase 4.     

Although it may have seemed to be the very last movie, it was not. The last movie of Phase 3 will be Spiderman: Far From Home. And it does not stop there. Phase 4 will start with The Eternals. Then it will be Black Widow. After that in 2021, Doctor Strange 2 and Black Panther 2 will be released. Next, the new Shang Chi will premiere and the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 which could feature Thor. Lastly, Captain Marvel 2 will come in 2022. These are all the movies planned so far, but many will be announced at San Diego Comic Con.

This movie was out this world, literally. The scenes gave fans from all over the world goosebumps and tears. From the crazy CGI to the spectacular storyline. It may have been a hassle to get there, but it was worth it. The movie will most likely be one of the biggest of all time. It has already passed Titanic for the second-most grossing film of all time. With millions of conspiracy theories and the fright of spoilers, the end to MCU was completely stunning.