Shazam! Movie Review

The newest DC superhero has hit the box office.

The newest DC superhero has hit the box office.

Hayden K., Writer

Shazam, the newest D.C. superhero, hit the box office with a bang. Scoring 90% on the Tomatometer and a slightly lower 88% for the Audience Score, the movie did very well. It has earned more than 100 million dollars. Although most D.C. movies are pretty terrible, this was the best. (Spoilers Ahead.)

It started with Thaddeus Sivana, a young child who ended up in a cave of wonder. In there lay Shazam, a wizard who possessed much power. He was the last of “The Council of Wizards”, founded to protect the world from the seven deadly sins, and he needed someone “true of heart” to hand his power to. He was about to give up when he found Thaddeus. The test he gave was temptation. Instead of grabbing the hero power, he took the power of the seven deadly sins. But before he could, Shazam zapped him and sent him home.  Years later, while researching the claims of being kidnapped and taken to the cave, Thaddeus confronted Shazam and stole the seven deadly sins from him.

At the same time, the movie introduced Billy Batson, a boy from Philadelphia who got lost and struggled to find his brother. He ended up in foster care and switched from house to house. While trying to find his mother one day, he was finally caught and put into a group home. Being fourteen, he did not want care and believed he could take care of himself. His foster brother, Freddy, was obsessed with heroes and collected items from fights. Billy did not care for anything but himself. He runs away and took the subway far away. Midway through the ride, he found himself alone and isolated. The windows froze and he was in the same cave that Thaddeus once found. He grabbed the hero powers. He became Shazam. He was immediately put back in the subway car but this time, with people surrounding him in his funny costume. Upon his homecoming, he showed his “brother” Freddy his newfound strengths. His powers included super strength, flying, and electric powers.

With his powers, he walked around the streets of Philadelphia helping citizens in need. They grabbed as much food and drinks as they desired. They were thrilled but Freddy was hesitant. He wanted himself in Billy’s position. This resulted in a big argument between the two. Meanwhile, Billy was off to the paparazzi, he took pictures and autographed papers. Thaddeus, with the same powers as Billy, shows up. They fought a hardy battle, however, Billy ultimately failed. He needed to rethink the fight. Bringing his five other foster siblings, he decided to fight once again. But this time he linked his powers to the others creating six Shazams. They fought Dr. Sivanna’s 7 deadly sins. They went back and forth, but Shazam finally prevailed as good always does. After defeating Thaddeus, they went home for Christmas dinner.

This movie reached another level of great. It exceeded the expectations of viewers and their peers. With great special effects and acting, this film was the best D.C production I have ever seen. It was rated PG-13 for intense action and inappropriate material. In all this movie flew out of Philidelphia for an overall home run.