What It’s Like To Be A Student Athlete


Tori D.

Being a student athlete is difficult.

Roxy R., Writer

“Hey, you free? We should hang out this weekend.”

“Sorry I can’t. I have practice.”

They look away with an irritated look on their face, sad that once again, the sports player couldn’t hang out.

“Like always!”

Sports have many benefits for people, especially for students. Being on a sports team can improve social skills and teach students how to be a better team player. But sometimes when the two are put together, it can get difficult to handle.

Stress and anxiety is usually part of the package. Not only is pressure from practices and games one of the causes, but also the weight of school is added. Homework and school projects are the worst enemies for student-athletes.

You thought carrying a twenty-pound backpack was terrible? Imagine coming to school after a weekend long of games. Not only will your legs be sore, but imagine putting on that extra twenty pounds to your already crippled back.

Sports can take up all your free time. You could be walking around the mall with your friends, but instead, you’re stuck at a long, never-ending game. Once again, your fun plans got canceled. And it sucks so much that you can’t hang out with your friends, especially when you are a teenager. Sports get in the way of student’s lives, and it could bother them, even if they are passionate about the game.

Growing up is already hard enough, and the pressure of sports adds so much to the chaos. Sometimes, students have to remind themselves that sports are supposed to be fun. Students do need days to themselves and to take a break from all the pressure they have on their shoulders.  Students should consider only their youth and spend it on what they genuinely love to do.