Students Of Day Creek: Isabella M.

Eden E., Writer

Would you rather be a teacher or a principal for a day?

I feel like I would want to be a teacher because I feel like if you were a principal you would have to take care of the whole school. Not that it’s easier but I think it’s better to take care of just one class or whatever class comes in for that time. I feel that would be easier to manage for me. I would want to be a junior-high teacher because that’s when kids start to use their minds to make decisions. Not following what other people say and stuff. They start thinking about what they want and I feel that is when you can inspire the most kids. Elementary and High-School; like High-School has already made up their minds and they know what they want. Where elementary kids just do what everyone else is doing. I would like to teach either language arts or math. I look up to Mr. Evans because he is just a really good teacher. He is just really good at what he does.