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Learning to take care of yourself impacts everything else you.

Maleehah H., Writer

According to a survey done by Samantha Zabell, around 49% of high schoolers feel “a great deal of stress” everyday. In addition, some teens feel so burdened that they miss meals and fail to take care of themselves.”More than one-third of teens reported feeling tired (36 percent),” said the American Psychological Association, and “nearly one-quarter of teens (23 percent) reported skipping a meal due to stress.”

With so many teens feeling so emotionally overwhelmed, it becomes essential to know how to relax, connect with your body, and care for your emotions and self-esteem. This is commonly called “self-care,” which means (quite literally) to take care of yourself.

You might be thinking, Why the heck would I need to know this again? Because helping ourselves emotionally can lead to better performance in school as well as an overall happier life.

Self-care is important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, sometimes called self-love,” said Emily Roberts on HealthyPlace, “It produces positive feelings, which improves confidence and self-esteem too.

So how exactly can we perform “self-care”? There are many different ways that people take care of themselves.

One way that people “self-care,” is by making time simply for themselves. “Engage in activities that you enjoy doing alone like gardening, reading a good book, going to the movies, or cooking,” says Take5 To Save Lives. “There are many ways to find peace and quiet for yourself. Take time each day for yourself, even it’s only a few minutes.”

In addition to this, people also spend time with family and friends. “Engaging in social activities like book clubs or group gym classes can also have a positive effect on your mental health,” added Take5 To Save Lives. “Your social connectedness can prevent you from becoming depressed.”

So if you’re feeling stressed, take a few minutes out of your day to breathe, relax, and enjoy the people that you’re close to. Taking care of yourself will not only make you healthier physically but emotionally as well.