Captain Marvel Movie Review

The recently released Captain Marvel movie earned $153 million in less than 5 days.

Image credited to Wikimedia Commons

The recently released Captain Marvel movie earned $153 million in less than 5 days.

Hayden K., Writer

Boom. Just like that, Marvel launched another high-grossing film that has headed to the top of the box charts in only a couple of days, Captain Marvel. The movie earned $153 million in less than five days to become the years’ best opening weekend for the film industry. However, the movie was mediocre and many seemed to disapprove of it. The film scored an so-so 80% on the Tomatometer and a low 61% Audience Score. (Major spoilers ahead.)

The movie started on Hala, a warrior planet in a galaxy far from Earth. Captain Marvel and the Kree (Hala warriors) are fighting a species of alien called Skrulls. The twist is that they could shape-shift into whatever they desired. Although portrayed as evil, green, disgusting beings, they were the complete opposite. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel is on C-53 (Earth) and was a wanted criminal for breaking into a Blockbuster. She has come to Earth to find Pilot Lawson, a Kree that created an engine so powerful it could fly a whole planet to another home. The FBI agent chasing after her was Nick Fury, an Agent Of Shield worker. Captain Marvel is attempting to kill the Skrulls, but stops at a bar where she finds Fury once again. This time, they talk about Lawson and find out that she worked at Pegasus, a government air base. Fury, working for the Agents Of Shield, brings them in only to find out that she is dead. They head to her friend and co-pilot to find out more about Lawson. Instead, they find out more about Carol (Captain Marvel). They tell her that she lived with them and her name is Carol Danvers. While looking at pictures, one of the Skrulls shows up and does not want to kill them, but he does ask them a favor. The Skrulls discuss their reason to kill the Kree and that they only want to bring themselves to another planet with Lawson’s “super-engine.” Captain Marvel is enraged by her planet’s selfishness and decides to avenge the Skrulls. She brings Fury and the two Skrulls to help her defeat the Krees. Eventually they are victorious and Captain Marvel finds the Skrulls a home.

Of course, you might be wondering what happened in the end credit scene. Well here it is (Warning: more spoiler alerts). Although not the post-credit scene, at the end of the movie, we see Nick Fury assembling “The Protector Initiative,” in which he states to his co-worker that they need to find more super humans. He then looks over to a picture of Carol next to her plane. The plane is named the Carol “Avenger” Danvers. He looks back to his computer, erases the word Protector and types ‘Avenger.’

In the final stinger (and after Thanos’ snap), the Avengers are split among those alive and those who fade away. This forces them to look more into a phone that Fury drops before fading away. It shows a logo that was unfamiliar to the Avengers. They scope it out but the device suddenly shuts down. Out comes Captain Marvel to introduce herself to the Avengers.      

Though the movie was exciting in parts, it was mediocre overall, and not the greatest of Marvel movies. Though it was her first appearance in a movie, writers and producers could have done a little better. It had some humor and a little bit of action, but it did not hit the level of Infinity War or Spiderman Homecoming.