Students Of Day Creek: Mikah C.


Image credited to Madilyn S.

Eden E., Writer

Would you rather be permanently transported 500 years into the past, or 500 years into the future?

I would rather be transported 500 years into the future because,the I would be able to see all the new things that have been invented. Flying cars is definitely on the top of my list of what to see in the future. I think that there would be more robots incorporated into daily life, also different ways of transportation. However I do believe that everyone will have their own style of car, there would just be a larger amount of technology involved. Some cars today have automatic brakes and all that, but in the future I think they will either be close to or similar to the cars now. I think that technology will affect the earth and that there will be less plantlife because of the reliance of technology. That would play a big role in affecting our society.