10 Inventions That Should Never Have Existed


Image credited to Eden E.

What is the point of these weird inventions?!

Emily H. and Abby S.

1. Baby Mop

This needs no explanation. It is literally a onesie with the bristles of a mop attached to the arms, hands, and knees. Why would you put chemicals on your baby and trust that she would not put those same chemicals (or whatever you just put on your infant child) in her mouth.

2. Walking Sleeping Bag

Okay. Walking around in comfortable clothes (i.e. sweatpants, sweatshirt, etc.), is perfectly acceptable. But a sleeping bag? Really? You probably will not need that much warmth in a classroom or office. A really thick body suit is not very functional, as it would be very difficult to move around. Also, it’s probably a million times hotter in that sleeping bag.

    3. Shoe Umbrella

Shoes are supposed to be, by themselves, able to withstand whatever situation you are going through. But high heels, which should not be worn in the rain, do not need umbrellas attached to them. Even if they were a fashionable item to wear upon your feet, they wouldn’t be very functional, as they would only protect about 10% of those precious high heels.

   4. Goldfish Walker

Allowing your pets to exercise is very important, but there is no need for goldfish to exercise, as they already get plenty inside of their fish bowls! Also, taking your fishy friend’s bowl for a walk is not going to help anyone except the owner when it comes to exercise.

     5. Contact Lense Jewelry

Does this have to exist? Come on, really? First of all, you are at risk of poking your eye out. That is probably not a good idea. Also, the jewelry, being metal, would most likely pull the contact out of your eyeball, which may just be a little bit painful.


Did the person who invented this not know what fingerless gloves are? Honestly, only your rear end needs underwear. 

      7. Paper Email

Ever heard of a letter? You write on a paper and then you mail it or give it to the person it was intended to go to. Super easy right?! Please. This one is completely unnecessary.   

  1. Head Mounted Drum (with extra drumsticks)

Purchasing a headache does not seem like the best thing you can buy on the market. And, when you buy this horrible drum device for your demon child, they will purposely give this to you. And the fun doesn’t stop there! After you try to pry it out of their hands, they will start screaming and make your headaches even worse than they already were.  I’m not sure if you would want buy that.

  1. Ice Cream Lock

It’s okay to want your creamy delicacies need to be protected, but buying a $10 lock is not worth your time or money, especially when you can just buy more for like, $5? Or, how about a sticky note? Maybe it’s better just to simply, hide your favorite ice cream!

  1. Vertical Bathtub

This is odd. Isn’t this was what a shower was? It’s pretty much the same thing, except your body isn’t fully  submerged. Really people, this is just weird. It seems like you are literally are going ro float at one point. Well, at least you can go scuba diving in the comfort of your own home.