Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse

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Andrew C. and Hayden K.

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On November 18, 2018 Mickey celebrated his 90th birthday. In response, Disneyland and Disneyworld will celebrate the entire year. Mickey has been around for a long time, with one goal in mind: to make people happy. Known as the “happiest place on earth,” kids come to see Mickey and his friends celebrate happiness. In their 90 years, Disney has successfully created an incredible legacy.

Mickey made his first appearance in “Steamboat Willy” on November 18, 1928. His first voice actor was none other than Walt Disney himself. Disney was the voice of Mickey until he passed away in 1966. However, Disney’s voice was not heard right away. For the first few years, Mickey was still muted. However, he was featured in many other films and quickly became the center of their media empire.

Disney made a masterpiece of a character to entertain children of all ages. He has successfully given joy and laughter to generations of fans. From flipbooks to motion pictures, Mickey Mouse is sure to be the center of Disney forever.