Image Credited Madilyn S.

There are lot of problems artists go through.

Abby S. , Writer

  1. People Always Asking Me to Draw Them.

Whenever people see me drawing in my sketchbook, they tend to have one question: Can you draw me? I normally don’t feel like drawing people, because I don’t want them to think that is how I see them. Also, I only draw things I want to draw, and it may not be you. Sorry!

      2. Art Block (aka the worst thing for an artist).

Art Block is similar to writer’s block, meaning either your hand decides not to function and you have inspiration, or you can actually draw and have no inspiration. It is especially horrible when you keep filling up papers with drawings you are not particularly proud of, and people keep insisting that they look at it.

      3. Copycat!

You know the elementary school taunts when you copy someone. Plagiarism is actually a serious crime, but people aren’t usually bothered by it. It is very frustrating because people say they drew it all by themselves, but you can easily find it by searching, for instance, ‘Lollipop Anime Girl.’ The exact same picture, down to the coloring and shading, is found on Google! Loser.

      4. Sketchbook Stealers!

First of all, a sketchbook is a notebook, usually small, where people can write down and draw anything they please. It’s their personal art that they would rather people not see, but they steal your sketchbook and look at it instead.  It’s even worse when people criticize it because it makes me feel both upset and flustered.

  1. Too Many Questions!

Questions that actually make sense are sometimes useful. Like, what kind of sketchbook are you using, what is your favorite sketching pencil, logical questions. Not, Who are you drawing? Where is their hair? etc. This bothers us artists because we are obviously not finished with the drawing if we still have our pen/pencil on the paper.

So please, heed my warnings. We artists have other hidden talents aside from just being creative.