LA Comic Con 2018


Image Credited to Tori D.

LA Comic Con is a convention held annually in Los Angeles.

Hayden K., Writer

From Cosplayers to Funko Pops, the annual LA Comicon showcased the latest comic-related products. The Comicon took place from October 26th to the 28th  at the LA Convention Center in Downtown Los Angeles. At the con, fans experienced a variety of booths from Legos to certain panels where people could listen to their favorite actors and actresses talking about upcoming theories. Funko Pops, a popular collectible with with hundreds of varieties, was a hit and as popular booth as the Hot Topic line that stretched the length of a football field, all for a couple of plastic figures. With three exclusive figures, fans were flipping or reselling items for high prices.

After all the shopping, some con-goers were thirsty and needed a drink from Wild Bill’s Olde Fashioned Soda Pop Co., a local soda company where attendees could buy a mug and get unlimited refills throughout the day. Another booth showcasing Legos had many creations that amazed the fans.

The cosplay, those who came in costume, was outstanding as several people wanted to show their true fandom. Many had normal costumes, but others had different ideas such as full-on Predator or Venom costumes.

The art section was also a very interesting section as artists got to show their abilities and sell their items to fans. Soon the LA Comic Con concluded, leaving fans to wait another year to witness this amazing convention again.