Ozone Layer is Healing Reports UN

The ozone layer is healing.

Image credited to NASA Visible Earth.

The ozone layer is healing.

Kryster L., Writer

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According to USA Today, UN (United Nations) announced Monday, that the ozone layer is now healing. The ozone layer acts as a filter for potentially harmful effects, such as highly hazardous ultraviolet radiation from the sun, protecting Earth life. On the Northern half of Earth the layer should be completely repaired within fifty years from now, the report concludes. The layer, in parts of the stratosphere, has recovered at a rate of ⅓ percent per decade since the 2000’s.

“It’s really good news,” said report co-chairman Paul Newman, chief Earth scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. “If ozone-depleting substances had continued to increase, we would have seen huge effects. We stopped that.”

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