How To Get Rid Of Writer’s Block


Image credited to Tori D.

Hmmm. What should I write about? Ughh, I give up.

Roxy R., Writer

Writer’s block. The worst enemy against writers. We’ve all experienced its crushing weight on our minds. Yet, even with this seemingly undefeatable feeling, there are a few tricks you can employ to win the battle against it. Here are a few tips on how to overcome writer’s block!


In many writer’s experiences, the best weapon to use against writer’s block is music. The best thing to do is lay down and let the melodies fill your ears. What type of music you ask? Spice things up! Don’t listen to your go-to playlist, instead, listen to some new genres. Writer’s suggest classical and jazz. Classical has actually been shown to help many people study and think of new ideas. Now get to listening!


Get your blood flowing! Exercise makes your heart race, which pumps more oxygen to your brain. It helps our brains make more brain cells and get more creativity. With a simple run or walk down to a local park, your brain will start creating some great ideas. Take a notebook with you so you can jot down your thoughts.


Our brains easily create weird scenarios when we zone out. When we daydream, we think and imagine situations which we desire. Daydreams are sometimes only fantasies, but think of all the great ideas that can pop from that brain of ours!

Read a book

Reading and analyzing a book can help writers get some inspiration for upcoming stories.

You should read a book based on the genre you are writing about. Get ideas from Harry Potter’s neverending adventures or travel back in time with a good history book. Anything to get your brain thinking and imagining.

Writer’s block is a tough thing to defeat and it’s one the hardest things for writers to conquer. We use some of these four ideas to help ourselves and they work! Let’s go slay some writer’s block!